The fields of application of Industrial Irradiation are numerous, but not always well known. For example, we can mention:

  • The historical main used of Electron Beam is for plastic modifications (crosslink, polymerization, vulcanization, reinforcement, up to degradation in some case) of tubing, cables, profiles, tires,... By forming bond in polymer chains, the properties of materials are thus improved.
  • Sterilization of medical products is another major domain for that kind of treatment. In that case the ionizing rays are used to kill pathogens.
  • Surface treatment including radiation curing, surface decontamination, ink drying, grafting,... are as well an high potential for this technology. Low energy electron beam can directly and up to the appropriate depth create the curing without any additive such as photomultiplier.
  • Food treatment is an application with a lot of possible growth. With less dose than sterilization, food can be decontaminated from insects, bacterias,... A nice example of this application is to kill pathogens in spices and seeds.
  • And a lot of other specific applications, such as pollution control (water, VOC and gas treatment), coloration of glass and gem stones, electronic components hardening,...

Services to manufacturers

NACRE can offer services in two main branches. Direct consulting with Irradiation Equipment Manufacturers

Thanks to long experiment and extended technical knowledge, NACRE can offer expertise during a facility engineering project including:

  • project management,
  • product transport system,
  • radiation protection and shielding,
  • safety system,
  • dosimetry,
  • equipment installation,
  • process validation
  • as well as market studies.

  • COMET ebeam, Dasheng, El Pont, IBA Industrial, Nordion/Sterigenics, PCT/Broadbeam, Vivirad are few examples of NACRE customers

Consulting with End-Users

NACRE skills and independence will be very useful.

If you plan to install a new facility or modify your current one, we can provide you with up-to-date advice and guidance in:

  • business development,
  • feasibility study,
  • selection of equipment,
  • facility layout,
  • calculation of your shielding,
  • comprehensive safety analysis for your local authorities,
  • validation of your products/process,
  • but also support during installation,
  • implementation of your process,
  • training of your team and maintenance.

  • Acome, BGS, CoRI, CERAP, Ionisos, IRSN, LEONI/Studer, RADSYS, Raychem, Steris/Synergy Health, Sterigenics, Terumo are examples of companies, in various domains, having used NACRE's services.


NACRE has also established strong relationships with other industrial companies

We can thus offer you a full set of services including:

  • polymer formulation (films, adhesives, inks, paints,...),
  • testing on laboratory equipment,
  • pre-series on pilot or industrial lines,
  • or, other examples, in order to solve troubles like dose uniformity, decontamination, sterility, ...

As well as experts, NACRE fellows are well known and as such introduced with International Authorities and Organizations like IAEA, iiA, AFNOR, ASN, BNEN (France), AFCN (Belgium), ASTM (USA), FDA, The Panel,...

So don't hesitate to contact us