Not only with Raychem, Francis gains a tremendous experience in polymer crosslinking. As well Jean-Pierre, as Engineer in Chemistry and Nuclear Sciences and Pierre, as Radiation Chemistry specialist, can efficiently contribute to any study and assistance in the field.

The electron beam irradiation has become in the late 50's, driven in particular by Paul Cook (Raychem), a pioneer technology and from decade a well-established technology. It remains today an advantage compare to other processes.
Modifying their molecular structure and forming bond, enhances the physical characteristics of some polymers such as their resistance to heat, solvent, oil, abrasion strength, hardness,...
The absorption of the radiation energy can lead to either cross-linking (in PE) or chain scission (in PTFE) of the macro-molecular chains.


All together Francis and Jean-Pierre manage more than 10 installations related to sterilization of medical devices and Pierre runs a service center.

Electron Beam, X-ray or Cobalt 60 radiations alter various chemical and molecular bonds upon contact with the exposed product, including the reproductive cells of micro-organisms.
As a consequence, medical and pharmaceutical industries use this technology to, directly on a final product, sterilize large volume of products.

Curing / Surface Treatment

For more than five years, NACRE is associated with experts (RADSYS, CNRS,...) in order to provide you R&D studies and furthermore industrial integrated solutions in the field of surface treatment and coil coating.

Radiation curing, surface treatment, coil coating,... are also major domains for electron beam use and more specially low energy machines (from 80keV to few hundreds keV).
NACRE is actually developing innovative self-shielded unit for various niche applications.


Pierre is worldwide recognized in this field, Francis has been involve in the first French E-beam Linac installation for poultry meet treatment and Jean-Pierre can efficiently help you in product handling system.

Irradiation, carried out under conditions of Good Manufacturing Practice, has been commended as one of the safe and effective food processing method that can reduce the risk of food poisoning and preserve foods without detriment to health and with minimum effect on nutritional quality. This view has been endorsed by international bodies such as the World Health Organization, the Food and Agricultural Organization, Codex Alimentarius, FDA,...


On top of the previous domains, based on multiple collaborations, Francis, Jean-Pierre and Pierre can help you with there knowledge in Radiation Chemistry, Dosimetry, Validation, Plant design, Equipment selection, Training, ...

The use of Electron Beam required some special techniques like radiation shielding, ozone venting, dedicated safety system, dosimetry, validation but also relationship with authorities, authorization filing, ...
NACRE can provide assistance in all those domains.